Root Canal treatment (endodontics) deals with disorders of the tooth nerve, or pulp. It used to be that a tooth with a diseased or infected nerve had to be removed. In virtually all cases today, we believe in saving the tooth. A root canal becomes necessary when the tooth pulp becomes irritated and infected. Bacteria grow within the pulp, causing pressure and pain which can be accompanied by swelling of the face. If left, the bacteria will eventually destroy the pulp, and the bone surrounding the tooth may become infected and abscessed, leading to the destruction of the bone around the tooth.
The root canal procedure involves removal of the diseased pulp, sterilization of the tooth interior and finally filling and sealing the tooth to restore chewing function.
Sometimes you may need to see an Endodontist, or a Specialist, for your treatment. Dr. Jensen is a Certified Specialist in Endodontics and comes to our office to provide treatment here in Fernie on a regular basis. Your dentist will refer you to see Dr. Jensen if he or she feels that the specialized treatment is required.

Dr. Jensen also has a full time practice in Lethbridge. You can learn more about his services at www.rockymountainendo.ca.